Help at work

Are you facing a work-related matter where you need advice or assistance from someone who can provide you with options for resolution?

Are you a Delegate who has been asked to provide advice or assistance to a member in your workplace?

Union industrial staff are experienced in all individual industrial matters. They are committed to members and ensuring that their rights and entitlements in the workplace are upheld by the employer.

All interactions between members and industrial staff are kept confidential. Every industrial officer has the capacity to provide any member with advice and assistance on both general work entitlements and individual complaints.

Your Union's industrial staff provide quality industrial advice about workplace-related issues. They do not provide legal advice. For more information about the service provided by industrial staff go to our Industrial Assistance Policy.

In response to members' needs to be provided with advice and assistance as efficiently and effectively as possible, industrial officers use phone or email for timely responses to members' queries. For advice on industrial matters including rights and entitlements please go to our Advice page.

Wherever practicable, industrial officers provide advice and assistance to members to enable them to resolve their own workplace issues at the local level.

Unfortunately, there are times when an issue at work is of significant negative impact on the member and they require ongoing assistance from industrial staff. If this describes the issue you are experiencing please go to our Assistance page.

All union members who are experiencing industrial issues in their workplace can access advice on those matters from industrial staff, however further assistance for individual matters will be provided to members where the matter that they are seeking assistance with arose during the period of their financial union membership.

A positive collaborative approach facilitates communication between members and Union staff. Union staff will treat all members with dignity and respect, likewise, union staff expect to be treated with dignity and respect by members. Abusive, hostile or threatening behaviour towards Union staff will not be tolerated, nor will sexual harassment of Union staff. Industrial assistance for a member may be withdrawn if it is considered the member's conduct towards a Union staff person is inappropriate.

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