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It is important that Together ASU members are updated with how their industries are managing and dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be updated regularly as we receive new information from employers.

Please note that information may change rapidly.

NOVEMBER 30, 2021

The Chief Health Officer has issued a new Health Direction which requires employees who work in schools to have had two vaccines by 23 January 2022.

This is a new requirement and unfortunately there is not a lot of detail provided yet by the Department as to how this will be managed and implemented.

The Director General sent out a message to all staff this morning about this.

Union staff have been invited to attend stakeholder briefings this afternoon about what this means and what will happen next – questions like: where should vaccination records be stored, how, how would you ask for an exemption, etc.

NOVEMBER 15, 2021

On Wednesday, 17 November at 12:00pm I will be holding a briefing for Together members in the public service.

NOVEMBER 10, 2021

As you would have seen yesterday, the Premier has made announcements about sites and events that will require proof of vaccination to enter or attend from 17 December. This includes “aged care, hospitals, prisons and disability services” in addition to hospitality, entertainment and sporting venues.

JULY 22, 2021

We know it has been a long time since our last update – we have been waiting to hear the final outcome of members efforts to be recognised for their important role in the COVID-19 health pandemic.

FEBRUARY 22, 2021

Many Together members will be in the first groups of workers to be offered the COVID-19 vaccinations from this week. The Federal Government have determined priority groups and set out "categories" for different workers and community members who will receive first access to the vaccines. 


***Important note: The advice provided is general in nature and may vary in specific circumstances. Consult your union to get the right information regarding your personal situation - call 1800 177 244 or email

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