Together Member Benefits

We know that great wages and conditions are won when workers are active and engaged in their union. As a Together member, you benefit from higher wages and better conditions at work won through collective action. Additionally, your union membership grants you access to a great range of benefits, from industrial advice and assistance on workplace issues to discounts on a variety of products and services.

Members can access advice and support for work related matters from a team of experienced industrial staff by calling 1800 177 244 or emailing

Industrial Advice and Assistance

Your Union’s experienced industrial staff provide quality advice and assistance to members in relation to a range of workplace issues.


Members in Allied Health, Child Safety and Custodial Corrections receive indemnity and legal insurance as part of their membership.

By being a member of your union, you are building a better life. That's why in addition to the help at work that Together provides, you have access to a range of additional services and benefits from career development tools to retail savings. Check out the additional benefits your membership grants you below.

ASU Career Launchpad

The ASU Career Launchpad is your exclusive member-only professional development program.

Member Savings

Member Advantage and Union Shopper can save you money on groceries, fuel and more.

Legal Advice

Maurice Blackburn offers Together members a number of free legal services.

Online Will

Together Members are entitled to a free online will from Maurice Blackburn.

Health Insurance

Together members and their families have automatic access to Union Health.

Mortgage Planning

Mortgage planning and broking services are available through Union Shopper.


ME Bank offers better deals on Credit Cards and Home Loans for Together members.


Industry Super funds are run only to benefit members, with low fees and no commissions to financial planners.

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