Union Achievements

Proud history of making life better

Throughout the history of Queensland and Australia, union members have made a difference to people’s lives. Campaigns by unions have helped to increase standards of living, uphold the rights of women, build opportunities for Australians to spend time with their families and give everyone the right to a secure retirement with dignity.

Things like fair wages, regular hours of work, safe and healthy working conditions, respect for women, the right to weekends and holidays, long service leave, the right to be protected from unfair sackings and access to superannuation have all come about because the men and women of Australia’s union movement chose to support campaigns to create a better future for us, their inheritors.

This work has continued up to the present day. Workers launched a massive campaign, Your Rights at Work, to protect their rights, resulting in the repeal of harsh anti-worker laws in 2008.

In 2011 after years of campaigning, Australian unions saw the creation of a national paid parental leave scheme.

In Queensland in 2009 union members won support for public sector jobs through the Fight4Jobs campaign, and fair wages increases that kept up with the cost of living through the Wage Balance campaign of 2008.

Nationally the ASU campaign for equal pay between women and men continues after several big wins at state and federal level. The Australian Council of Trade Unions is pushing for the rights of workers in insecure jobs.

Union members are at the forefront of building a clean energy future for Australia and the creation of secure jobs for our kids in the future.

The list of union achievements is long, but there is still more to do. Together members are a part of building a better future for our community.

For just a small sample of the many ways union members have brought about better lives in Australia for everyone, you can visit this ACTU website.

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